Black River marble
Like a river, pourer! Who knows how long it goes.

Black river marble slab

If you are looking for a stone with a very strong structure that has high resistance in any weather conditions, we suggest you black river marble slab. In addition, marble has many uses, such as sculpture, the construction of maximums, building facades, etc. has it. Black River marble slab is one of the most popular types of this stone in the interior design industry.

Black river marble slab colors

Marbles are classified as follows in terms of color.
In the meantime, a large number of them fall into the category of black marbles. Black river marble slab is one of the most attractive and unique stones, which, if used in the interior decoration of the building, shows the splendor and beauty of nature in a good way. In the process of building decoration design, whether from the exterior or interior, paying attention to the psychology of colors is very important.

Black River Marble

Black River marble slab is one of the best stones on earth, which has many fans because of its beautiful designs with reasonable prices and quality. This type of stone is classified based on the quality of extraction and sorting, which attention to when buying.
The unique designs of Black River marble slab with a black background and white, golden, or other colored streaks have added to the popularity of these stones. Construction site of its classic to modern designs is capable of conveying a sense of calmness and maturity to a person, that’s why Black River marble slab stone is used in luxury construction projects.

black river marble slab

black river marble slab feature

Very high density

Great strength: One of the great features and advantages of this type of stone is its high strength.
Very suitable sanding: the dense and hard structure of black river marble slab makes these types of stones more sandable.

Polished and shiny surface: The polished and shiny surface of this stone has made it even more luxurious.

Good abrasion resistance

Very high-pressure resistance: High strength makes Black River marble slab resistant to pressure.

Non-absorption and permeability of water and moisture: this characteristic has made black river marble slab easy to use in various industries and places. 

Uses of Black River Marble Slab

The use of Black River marble slab next to lighter stones creates a very beautiful and eye-catching combination that gives a special effect to the space and building. In many luxury interior designs, this stone is used on the floor and walls of the building.
Some uses:
The interior of the building
Hall and reception and rooms
Cabinets and space inside the kitchen
Lobby and entrance hall of the building
Elevator wall
Luxury sanitary napkins
Luxury and master bathrooms
Hotels and luxury projects
Counters and counters of public centers
Cabinet and island

black marble

There are a few notable points:

1.Due to dark color, these types of stones should be used in places with good light and large space.
2.Since these stones change color when exposed to sunlight, it is better not to use it in exteriors and spaces, however, some people use it in exteriors.
3.In addition, black colors are not suitable for tropical areas because they retain heat.
4.Black river marble slab floor stone is one of the most common uses of marble stones in the building.
In general, the use of black color in the decoration of the kitchen gives a prominent and beautiful effect to the space. For this purpose, different stones such as black marble stone can be used, of which black river marble slab is one of its types.
Due to the presentation of new methods and new designs in the field of building interior design, the use of Black River stone has been on the agenda of many architects and engineers for the interior design of the building due to its unique color and appearance. Insignificant water absorption and proper strength and density of this stone are also not without influence in this special attention to this type maximum.

Factors affecting the price of Black River marble slab:

The size and shape of the raw stone cup

The type and nature of the stone

The costs of extracting and buying crude copper

Type of cutting and processing

Sort or classification of stone

Shipping costs

And …

Black river marble cutting process 

The ustop-cutting slabs are increasing day by day, and circularly performed on the stonemasons are used more often. Stone processing in the form of slathirty-blade from the old methods in the form of peak cutting and a saw is used instead of a sterile or thirty-blade machine. In the top cutting method, the cutting operation is performed on the stone in a circular way, but in the
slab method, the stone is cut back and forth.

black river marble


we tried to guide you to choose the best by explaining the advantages of marble stones and its features, especially Black River marble slab.
As we said in the text, the preparation of Black River marble slab is a very sensitive work that affects its quality, and these points have been fully observed in Black River marble slab from Kalhor stone  and they are made from the best available stones.


Is there natural black marble?

Black River Super marble is one of the best stones on earth, which has many fans because of its beautiful designs with reasonable prices and quality. Black marble is one marble’s various colors which can be find naturally in the nature.

price of black river marble?

The price of black river marble is different according to the size, shape, type and nature of stone and the country of its origin or even shipping costs. but black river marble is one of marble’s more affordable types with very high quality.

uses of black marble?

because of the dark color it is more common to use this stone in interior designs rather than exterior. black river marble floors are one the most common uses of the stone. kitchen decorations is another common usages of black marble.

does sunlight effect black marble?

yes. because of the dark colors black marble should be placed in places with limited light and large space since sunlight will change the black color.

black river marble features?

black river marble has so many great advantages but the main one is its high density which gives the stone great strength and high pressure resistance. due to this features it can be used in various industries.

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